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Kate and Russell

This blog started as a rage against the misuse of the word artisanal.  As anyone interested in American craft knows, this word has been bastardized by corporations to the detriment of true artisans honing real skills.  It should only be used for handcrafted items, and I thought this blog was a way to protect that usage.

Wrong.  That ship has sailed.  Long ago.

I found I had more to say as a practitioner of craft than as a gadfly of language.  I’m an urbanite practicing a craft that depends largely on rural capacity to raise, produce, and market my raw materials.  I can’t even find most of what I need in the Chicago area. I have to go rural.  And much like the city kid whole suddenly realizes where her food comes from, I’ve found great benefit in knowing what makes my yarn possible.

The Internet makes this rural dependency easy to ignore.  What can’t you buy online?  I could easily purchase everything I need in a few faceless transactions every year.

But spinning is tactile.  It’s present.  It’s immediate.  It’s not a craft of intangibles.  I could buy my fleece online or I could go out and get my boots dirty.  I could–gasp–leave the city. 

While this flipped dichotomy is not wholly unique (again, think of food production), it is unusual in a modern landscape that provides almost everything for the urban consumer within a few minutes.

The intersections of these flipped worlds–the urban handspinner and the rural materials producer–is what interests me.  Towards that end, this blog will never be about my latest project.  You won’t read details about why I only knit 8 rows last night.  You won’t updates on my latest random thoughts.  What you will get are articles on the relationship between urban practitioners of an ancient craft and rural producers of the raw materials we use.

It seems to me this a largely contemporary phenomenon worth thinking and writing about.  I hope you’ll join me.

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  1. I love the way you write, and your subject is really interesting. I’ll be back!

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